Welcome to Rajkot Diesel Machines

Rajkot Diesel Machines was established in 2003 and as an electro mechanical engineering company specializing in the Marine & Oil - Gas Industry.

RDM offers a wide variety of products and services to a diverse range of industries and commercial businesses covering manufacturing oil and Gas & marine sectors.

The company is well known and highly respected throughout the UAE for the Manufacture supply and service of:

* Gas compressor control panel and complete instrumentation and associated system
* Chemical injection – Instrumentation, Oil & Gas
* PLC & Automation works for marine & Oil and Gas
* Control Panel for crude oil pump – Diesel, Gas & Electric.
* Instrumentation- Industrial, Oil & Gas and marine Industry
* Marine machinery, Marine engines & Generators.
* Diesel generators & air compressors
* Labor Supply - (Mechanics, Electricians, Project Managers and Inspectors etc.)


Chairman & Managing Director of :

Rajkot Diesel Machines Tr.Est. 200 Al Khan Street

Industrial Area -1 Sharjah -UAE

Rajkot Machines & Technical Services - Cochin, India RMTS. India - Mumbai, India